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Please note Omar is also:
Ramo, "Doctor Beans," "Uncle Johns Coffee", Ramon Borema, and some other nicknames different friends have.

If you drink coffee and you are out, I happen to roast it by hand. will be perhaps the best coffee you've not yet had.

A node in the

which is a a field clearing called "the-realized-network-participant-blogs which is a global meta directory and searchable index or browse-able purely by url input based on common sense instructions in english words. and a part of the universe we are creating here called -

or in plain English, the site you're on is part of a global network of sites run by people just like you, and some different ones too.  They are all members and participants in

Which is a site that is as big as the world is wide, and includes literally everybody that wants to be a part of it. 

There's just one rule.  As a member, you have to follow The Golden Rule while inside the network- with respect to your conduct, and postings- et cetera.

  "Do unto others, as you would do unto yourself." 
A directory-of-places-Omar-writes blogs, or puts things on the internet.
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this ridiculous domain, or just know that
 it's "5 links, and the last one instead of .com"

and you got it memorized !  Would you look-at that.. 

Some of these blogs are interactive !  That means you can write articles on the web using a simple url in this column, and submit an article.   Then it will become a part of the blog as long as I click the "approve" button.

Any reasonable effort will be approved.  :)  Just follow The Golden Rule.

Nothing is perfect in software but we're trying to fix that, so please as usual make sure to copy your article and save to a text file before submission. is an example of a FQDN (a fully qualified domain name) as in (a link that actually goes somewhere but just the main name of the site you type in.) 

in the blog-o-sphere within the ontology of the realized network .   Also, if you ever feel like being traditional, works too.

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These are some of the places I write ...  things.

I will finish this list soon.  and or keep adding to it/changing the design of this until I really enjoy it, or it needs to change. 

So, more will be added to this list later.

However, if the site you are searching for.... is not .. but wait, something is missing!

Yeah.  It is.  For now. 

ince more accurately- this is a "where is that thing or service or site that he does exist on the internet (web) ??? "List."  Interim to launching the blog directory, and the other relevant nodes and field clearings in the realized network-   and we are getting started with discussing and thinking and dreaing now, so come join in the fun !  You can find me in so very many ways, but I would recommend joining mytribes, and finding the group for the realized network.  :)  I'll be on the admin list.  Red Icon.

Short-Link-Within-The-Network: [follows-meta-linguistic-taxa-genera],


or  simple names that also are instructive, like : 

you can make links like that as a member of the realized network.  we have,,, and one or two other ones, namely, and variants "gooooogle" style up to 5 e's , I think.  perhaps 4. 

What it's Called and Stuff.
Function: :

"He went thusly so far down the rabbit hole he found the other side, ~ and now dwells in peace with a rather unique perspective."

about this blog

Read "The Reality Condensate"
this one is my personal blog, and will remain single author. :

"brain shards on the information stupid highway."

[about visit]

Read " Brain Shards on The Information Stupid Highway."
same with this one, this is a personal "etc" type blog, but with very serious articles being examined, and topics. :

"an ongoing monologue on the ''hard won smatterings from the toolbox of becoming."

[about this blog: nebulously unified at beyond light speed]

Read www.HappySpirit.Net
This is a personal blog in transparency and open-ness- about my growth and challenges - so you can see  that I too have struggles, and conflict. 

lets build cool stuff. :

"this is a citizen powered news journal-  powered by your input, and you just tell us whats going on in your area.  Be descriptive, include the "who, what, why, where, how, when" and then you can have an opinion.  Be integral, be objective, have it be near you.  The idea is to grow this and have a lot of people participate...from all over. 

now, here's the nerd-  and trust me there is a point to this but you'd just have to ask me privately. But this is the truer description of what a citizen powered news journal *does* :

Coherent Unified Data Modeling and Observational Synthesis of Global Events - "Present, Past, + Imagined" [ Here on Cloud-Cuckoo-Land, I mean @Earth. ]"

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Read Earthbound News

This is a citizen powered news journal.
(each day or every so more often than not, there will be a prompt you may participate in.)

(there is no www in this web-address.   literally just type and hit return, i designed it to be easy and memorable to get to.) :

'fully random assortment of stuff, things, and the occasional brain nugget of relatively adequate length."

[about missing]

This is supposed to be for pop culture stuff, and at a general reading and comprehension level.
note, the links in this column don't work yet, but I do have the domains secured.  :-) :

"a collection of question prompts about our world from various authors- enrich your perspective, follow along or join us!"

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This link ^ always has the latest prompt for you to play along with us! :-)

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